Fatimah Al H.
I have been looking for a hairstylist that specializes in curly hair for a while. I stumbled on Stevie’s instagram and was impressed by her clients’ before and afters. During my appointment, It was evident that she was in tune to what would suit my curls in terms of length, style, and even the type of products that would work best. I ended up with well defined soft curls. I must say that I have never been this happy with my hair.
Shelley C.
I have never left a salon with my hair styled curly. I always go home to wash & condition (b/c I don't like the products used in my hair) & style my hair before being seen by the public. I left Stevie's salon w/great products in my hair & my hair styled beautifully! Thank you, Stevie! I'll be back 😊
Amy Jo G.
Two things I love about Stevie: 1) She instinctively knows how to cut my curls so I can easily maintain them; 2) She works fast! Appointments never take more than 30 minutes.
Paige C.
I just wanted to come to terms with my curly hair and stop all the straightening ! After talking with Stevie, she understood exactly what I wanted for my hair color too! My hair is so much easier now.
Gina S.
Got curls? This is your place!! Seriously.
I never know what to do with my hair. When I blow dry it, its straight but as soon as humidity hits, it gets poofy and it starts waving at the ends. If I just air dry it, some are wavy some are straight. I went to Stevei at a friend's recommendation. She taught me how the towel and introduced me to a diffuser vuala! Hello waves and shiny hair. :)
Georgianne C.
I went in 8 weeks ago looking for someone who knew how to cut curly hair. I found her! So knowledgeable, professional and honest. I walked out today with bounce in my curl and my step as cut, color and curls have never looked better. Honestly, try salon Kennedy, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your hair!
Rebeka F.
Great haircut!!
Best curly cut ever! Love it!!!
Mary C.
Absolutely wonderful!
Victoria B.
Perfection! I've never had a good haircut until Salon Kennedy! Run, don't walk to book with Stevie!
Amanda S.
Dante U.
Second to none, quick, fair price, extremely knowledgeable and recommends you the right products
ShaLyn M.
This place is the real deal!! I have spent all my life trying to understand my curls and Stevie figured it out and showed me in 30 minutes! Definitely a life changer for me! Go see her!!
Sheri A.
After three long years of terrible haircuts and color nightmares, I finally found someone in Oklahoma that can cut and color my curly hair! Stevie at Salon Kennedy. She listens to you and discusses how she can achieve the look you want. She explains what she’s going to do before she does it, and ensures you’re onboard with it first. Not only does Stevie know what she’s doing, she teaches you step by step how to recreate the look at home.Her services are more expensive than I have paid in the past, but I’ll save tenfold on hair products! The old adage “you get what you pay for” truly fits here. If you’re a curly girl who stuggles with your hair in the heat and humidity of Oklahoma, schedule an appointment with Salon Kennedy. I promise you will not be disappointed!
Bonita B.
Stevie is thoughtful and listens to your concerns/questions. She always does an excellent job!
Nicole C.
Stevie is absolutely amazing!! She took my hair, which after following several FB groups about curly hair they said it would take one to two years for my curls to show and look good, and in 30 minutes my hair looked amazing!!! I got the Ouidad cut and it did so much for my hair and made it look the best it's looked in a long time. Thank you Stevie!! I can't wait to come back!!
Kelly K.
We traveled from out of state for my Ouidad cut, and it was absolutely worth it! Thank you!
Stephanie A.
Stevie is the best curl guru in the state! Plus, she’s honest - no bs - if you’re unsure about trying something new. It’s not about making money for her. It’s 100% about customer service and teaching you strategies to work with your curls until you love them!
Lauren Hall B.
Stevie is amazing with curls!! In just 2 hrs, she completely transformed my hair, and more importantly, taught me how to achieve the look by myself! I can finally wear my hair down and be proud of it! Thank you so much Stevie 🥰
Bobbie P.
This is the best salon for curly hair! Stevie is so knowledgeable and is very good at explaining and demonstrating how to care for your curls. She also knows how to cut curly hair. If you have curly hair you know what I mean!
Lindy H.
I can't believe I get to have this hair! I love it so much! She taught me how to style it so it still looks good even when I do it.
Paige M.
I have never had an experience like this before! Salon Kennedy was the first time I had worked with someone who was so knowledgeable not only about curls but about MY curls. I usually leave a salon with wet or straightened hair because the stylist just isn’t really sure what to do. At salon Kennedy I left loving my curls more than I ever had- I got to see the full potential of my curls and it left me feeling a little emotional. If you have ever been on a crazy curly haired journey like I have, there are definitely some rocky spots along the road and it can be frustrating. Salon Kennedy was the best experience!! I will be back.
Angela B.
I had no idea my curls could look this good!! I've been doing it all wrong my whole life and so glad I found Salon Kennedy! Stevie knows her curls and my hair looks great! Highly recommended!!
Lani M.
Very professional! I’m so thankful I found someone who knows how to work with curls. She revived my curls and did an amazing job on the color. I trust her with my hair and I’ll definitely be going back for my next cut/color
Rebecca W.
I HIGHLY recommend going to this salon! I am a mixed girl with coil curls and have always struggled with maintaining healthy curls, and with so its hard to find someone you can fully trust to keep it healthy. I actually met the owner through a friend and she approached me first and told me how beautiful my hair was and how she actually has a salon just for curly hair! and tbh I was hesitate at first just from past failed attempts from other hairdressers and I just thought there is no way this women can tame and deal with all this hair, eventually found her Instagram and saw her work and came across a girl she had done that had hair just like mine and that moment I knew I needed to get in with her! when I sat in her chair I expressed my problems I have with frizz and just different textures of curls I have and she managed to get it all done and I was actually able to walk out of a salon happy and confident knowing this was what I needed all this time! I will recommend her to anyone with curly hair in heartbeat, I cannot gatekeep her and her magic she can create, she is truly a curl goddess.
Holly F.
Very clean and professional. The salon is adorable and my daughter's hair looks great. I would definitely recommend this salon for anyone with curly or wavy hair.
I did not know that there were hair stylists that only cut curly hair until recently. I’m so glad I found Salon Kennedy!! I didn’t know my hair could look like this. She showed me how to style it myself, which is a huge plus for me. Thank you so much!
Hannah B.
I havnt seen my hair this curly since I was a little kid! Great service, quick work, and fantastic results. 10/10 would recommend plus she’s a dog person!
William J.
Really enjoyed their level of care for my kids
Faith S.
10/10 experience at Salon Kennedy. I originally just booked a consultation with Stevie because I was hesitant to book any other service. I felt like if I didn’t even know how to take care of my curls, maybe no one could. Stevie was confident and made me feel very comfortable when we talked and she had availability to give me a curly cut. While styling my hair, she walked me through exactly what she was doing so I could do it at home. I left feeling so much more confident and am so happy I found a salon I can trust!
Perrin A.
This was my first time going here and it was absolutely amazing! :) I got the ouidad cut and ventured out and got bangs! Which she did amazing on! I'm in love! Stevie is so wonderful and is so informative about curls, techniques and hair products! Her salon is super cute too! I would recommend to anyone with curly hair! 😊
Darby S.
This salon was great! I haven’t gotten a haircut in over a year and she was able to get a great shape and make my curls look great! An added bonus is she is quick! I will be going back!
Christi C.
My hair has never looked this good when curly. I think I can live with this. Stevie is fantastic and is like a “life-coach for curls”.
Mary S.
Stevie was incredible...I am just now in the fourth quarter of my life, and letting my hair go natural...she made me feel 19 again.She educated me on things I never new about my curly hair...I waited 3 months before I made my appointment...I will never wait again...worth every penny...a talented kind loving being...who would not want someone like that taking care of their curls...And now my true self emerges...Thank you for everthing❤️
Rose A.
My first experience at Salon Kennedy was great! Stevie is very skilled and specialized in curly hair. She shares her abundant knowledge of curly hair care and is clearly passionate about what she does. I like the unique and inviting salon environment as well, and the online booking and detailed services listing is convenient. I was very pleased with my haircut and style and will be back for my color appointment. I’m very glad I found Stevie and Salon Kennedy.
Lauren J.
Quite literally a life changing experience! Before learning from Stevie my “good” hair days were frizzy limp waves with no curl definition or volume to be found. Stevie was able to teach me (I can’t even use a curling iron) to care for and style my hair in a way that gives results I didn’t know we’re possible for my hair- much less with my NATURAL hair. If you have curls in any capacity please do yourself a favor and see Stevie!! She is so knowledgeable and loves sharing that knowledge to help you get smooth, defined, beautiful curls not just when you see her in the chair but at home on your own.
Valeria F.
Hands down the best haircut I have ever recieved! I live in Las Vegas, NV and have gone to curl-specific salons there but my experience at Salon Kennedy was above and beyond. Stevie is incredibly knowledgeable and a master with naturally curly hair. She is also really welcoming and kind and will make you feel immediately at ease. I most certainly will be back next time I’m in town!
Alexandria J.
The best haircut my daughter has ever had! Stevie provided so much helpful information and how to care for my daughters hair. She is so patient, kind and wonderful for my daughter. So glad we found the Kennedy Salon!
Rebekah S.
A must for all CURLY needs! I was blessed with a curly girl and have struggled with managing her hair and frizz, never finding the right stylist or products. She is 10 and struggling to love her hair. This was hands down the best experience, I have NEVER seen her curls look this good and with a technique and product that we can both do at home. What is more impressive is how the curls look over 24 hours later and after a swim practice. (Picture below is after swim practice)
Abbey J.
Don’t walk… RUN to salon Kennedy! This small owned hair salon was by far the best curly cut I’ve ever had. The environment was welcoming and it is evident how much she loves curly hair. I got more than a hair cut, she sat me down and taught me proper curly hair care and changed my hair for the better. Best yet she didn’t force any products on me and truly just wanted the best for my hair. There is a difference in technique to cut curly hair, I will never go to a normal hair lady again. Oh yeah and she taught me how to blend my different curl sizes, she is basically a hair goddess.
Jessica B.
Stevie's passion for curls is very apparent in her work. She not only knows how to cut and style curls, she knows how to show her clients to create beautiful curls at home! She's great with all ages and hair types. You will NOT regret going to see her!!
Kaylee F.
My curls have NEVER looked better!! Thank you so much!!
Katelyn J.
Stevie works wonders with curly hair! My hair has never looked better after a haircut. She always gives styling tips and product recommendations based on my current hair concerns and is very knowledgeable about curly hair. I recommend her to every curly girl I know!
D. P.
I didn't know my hair was supposed to look this good ! She tamed and enhanced my curls like no one else has. Highly recommend to everyone w curly hair !!
Victoria R.
Just wonderful!! I knew who I was going to see when I could get an appointment!
Judy R.
It only took 50 years to be in love with my natural curl!! Thank you for working your magic and teaching/showing me what to do and how beautiful, frizz free and soft my curls actual are!
Jackie B.
This lady knows hair! She turned my typically frizzy, natural (as in gray) wavy hair into soft, manageable hair without the need for any additional curling. She is definitely an expert, knows how to frame your face with a flattering cut, and sells top-notch products. Highly recommend!
Jeremy Jenn B.
She is absolutely amazing!! I knew i had some waves/curls but i have never learned how to make them look good. She took the time to show me exactly what to do and how to do it and what products to use. LOVE my hair!!
Laura D.
So glad I bit the bullet and got my first curly haircut. Sorry I waited so many years. This was the first time in my life that I've left a haircut and didn't cry! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone with curly hair to trust Salon Kennedy ♥️ Thank You!
Shelby W.
First time going to a “curl specialist” and not sure why I’ve waited this long to do so! I had a great experience! Will definitely be going back!
Vanessa W.
Finally! Found a hairstylist I trust. I legit had the best curly girl hair experience at Salon Kennedy. I have fine/thin curls that always get over cut or drowned in products with other stylist. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE WALKED OUT OF A HAIR SALON HAPPY.I highly recommend this shop for ever type race, ethnicity, and overall curly texture. True curl professionals there that will teach you how to care and love your own curls.
Vanessa W.
Finally! Found a hairstylist I trust. I legit had the best curly girl hair experience at Salon Kennedy. I have fine/thin curls that always get over cut or drowned in products with other stylist. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE WALKED OUT OF A HAIR SALON HAPPY.

I highly recommend this shop for ever type race, ethnicity, and overall curly texture. True curl professionals there that will teach you how to care and love your own curls.
Mandy C.
I received the BEST haircut of my life on Friday at Salon Kennedy!!! Stevie is so talented and so passionate about curls! She cut my hair and taught me how to style my hair properly so I can now love my curls every day!!! For the first time, and I’m 50 years old, I was trained how to style my curls! I highly recommend Salon Kennedy!!! Even if you think you do a pretty good job managing and getting the most out of your curls, Stevie can help you take it to the next level! Make an appointment!
Shelby H.
I’ve had nothing but bad cuts since I grew my hair out & it turned curly but she did such an amazing job! I love it & I would recommend her to anyone!
A. M.
Amazing skills
Laci Rai L.
I got a curly cut at Salon Kennedy and it is the best haircut I’ve ever gotten. I wasn’t sure if I “needed” a curly cut because my waves are so loose, but I’m SO glad I did. HI’ve never had a cut so suited to my hair before and I’m loving it. I got some new product and was educated on how to use them, which I super appreciate
Laci L.
I got a curly cut at Salon Kennedy and it is the best haircut I’ve ever gotten. I wasn’t sure if I “needed” a curly cut because my waves are so loose, but I’m SO glad I did. HI’ve never had a cut so suited to my hair before and I’m loving it. I got some new product and was educated on how to use them, which I super appreciate
Johanna M.
Just had my second curly cut with Stevie and I’m loving my curls! I typically get cuts every 3-4 months but was able to go 6 months in between cuts and my hair behaved the whole time. The price is expensive but worth it. No more stressing how to fix a mediocre hair cut, money spent on failed products, frustration, etc. Trust me, just do it !
Rebecca B.
I'm originally from Oklahoma but I now live in Houston, TX and I drove 7 hours to have Stevie cut my hair. I don't trust anyone else with my curls. Since moving to Houston, I have been to two Ouidad salons in the area and have hated my haircut both times. Stevie is THE BEST AROUND and 100% worth the drive.
Maddie B.
I got my first curly cut yesterday and I’m SO SHOOK. I did not expect my curls to bounce back to my childhood curls. I seriously thought that my curl type just changed over the years from ringlets to waves. But after an hour at Salon Kennedy, I realize my hair just need a good curly cut and good products. I HAVE CURLS AGAIN! Thank you so much!!
Leah L.
My curly hair has never looked better! I have always struggled finding a stylist who truly understood curly hair. This is the perfect person to go to have your hair not only cut and styled, but also educate you throughout the process. I cannot stop looking at my curls! Thank you for such a great experience 💕
I knew I wanted a “curly girl” stylist and went searching online. I came across Salon Kennedy, watched one of Stevie’s teaching video’s, and knew she was the one! Thanks for taking me from frizz to fab!!!
Heather M.
I had such a wonderful time at Salon Kennedy! She was able to give me curls I never thought I'd have and give me more confidence in wearing my hair down!
Brad Joanne S.
Thank you for reviving my curls and color!!
Jesica A.
This was my first cut and style on my natural hair. My past experiences at other salons were always very down putting once the stylist saw how much hair I had. I have VERY thick, long, frizzy, curly hair but I could tell Stevie was actually excited to work on my hair which made me feel so much more comfortable. After going through at least 2 years of getting my severely damaged hair to its natural state, I was never confident enough to wear my curly hair down. Stevie gave me that confidence after showing me how amazing my hair really is! She gave me tips on how to manage my hair at home as well. The overall experience was amazing!!!
Anna J.
I am so glad that I ran into Stevie and that she mentioned she would love to cut my hair. When she gave me her card, I looked at what she’s done with her clients, and I had felt like the sky had opened and gave me someone who I knew I could trust with my curls. She did everything I wanted and MORE with my hair. I have spent my whole life going through trail and error to find a routine that works with my curls and she taught me how to do that when I was in her chair yesterday. No frizz, curls that were healthy and defined, and also pulled it together with a short cut. I always like my hair short, but it’s been long most of my life since everywhere I’ve gone didn’t know what to do with my hair. With Stevie, I promise you are in amazing hands. I will never have a different hair stylist!
Nichole R.
Stevie did an amazing cut with my curly hair and she’s super sweet,the 2+ hr drive was worth it, I will definitely be going back.
Alicia E.
Stevie was great! she took the time to really educate as she worked.
Stevie has been doing Ouidad on me intermittently for the past 9 years (intermittently b/c I moved away for a bit and then came back to OK). She is wonderful. She really listens and gives great recommendations. If you have Curly hair and you don’t know what to do with it- Go See Her!!!